Water Damage Phone Repair – Find Out How To Get Your iPhone Back

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Water Damage Phone Repair – Find Out How To Get Your iPhone Back

Even if you take every precaution to preserve your iPhone, accidents can happen. One of the most feared by users is the device’s contact with liquids. It can cause permanent damage to the device. And resultantly, you look for water damage phone repair services near you.

Direct spillage of water or liquids; falling into the pool, sink, toilet… there are many reasons that can lead the iPhone to end up suffering from moisture.

If the iPhone has suffered an accident that exposed it to contact with liquids, it is essential that the owner does not turn on the device (which can activate electrical current and damage the cell phone) and does not even try to dry it on its own with a dryer (which could end up accelerating oxidation). The most prudent is to take the cell phone for water damage phone repair even if it has not failed. That’s because the moisture inside the device can slowly corrode the system, leading to damage that can be permanent. To prevent this from happening, FixFore’s iPhone technical support performs a process called cell deoxidization or, as some prefer to call it, chemical bath or water damage phone repair.

Understand What is Cellular Deoxidation or Water Damage Phone Repair

Cell phone deoxidization is a technique in which when the device is in direct contact with liquids. It aims to remove all moisture from inside the device, giving the smartphone its ability to function normally. This is possible through a chemical bath using an ultrasonic bath device. In the technical assistance laboratory we do it.

The chemical bath dries and cleans the device plates. With the aid of emission of waves of different frequencies, usually using isopropyl alcohol. This process is robust and able to act against rust and oxidation caused by moisture inside the appliance. The job is done with a re-welding in some cases.

iPhone Deoxidization at FixFore

FixFore is the ideal place for you to take your device to receive the chemical bath. FixFore’s experience in deoxidizing iPhone and other brands’ devices is such that the company is able to recover smartphones that had contact with liquids in more than 90% of cases.

FixFore’s service technicians will conduct an assessment to diagnose whether the smartphone can be deoxidized. We do cell oxidization in maximum 5 days. If the service’s iPhone deoxidization fails to resolve the device’s moisture problem, there will be no charge for the service. FixFore performs the deoxidation of the iPhone in addition to other services such as screen change and device update. Through the website, it is possible to request a quote for the execution of technical assistance. The quote is sent to the registered email in 48 hours . So now, if you need water damage phone repair services, talk to our technician at FixFore right away. They will not only tell you the exact condition of your device but also perform a free diagnosis.

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