Mobile Phone Repair Tricks – How To Clean The Speaker On Your Phone?

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Mobile Phone Repair Tricks – How To Clean The Speaker On Your Phone?

Digital devices are mostly used as communication devices. Think what happens when their speakers don’t work. In this post, we’ll discuss the mobile phone repair tricks that you can use to clean your speakers efficiently!

Not a single gadget owner is immune from the appearance of such a problem. Rarely, a malfunction occurs in the first months after purchase; the chances of its occurrence increase with the increase in the period of use of the communication device. The “risk group” includes builders, workers of industrial enterprises with a high level of dust. The performance of the smartphone may deteriorate under normal conditions. Dust, small particles of debris penetrate through the technological holes when worn in jeans pockets or in handbags. It is necessary to clean the speaker in cases where the sound quality is noticeably deteriorating; it starts to “float”.

Mobile Phone Repair – Cleaning The Speaker Without Disassembling The Mobile Phone

We must say right away that you should not be afraid of the complexity of the procedure. It’s about the surface treatment of electronics. Experts are categorically opposed to the self-disassembly of mobile phones, which can lead to their breakdown. The average user can inadvertently disable more expensive components, which will cost a lot to replace. Therefore, you need to adhere to a safe technology that is not capable of harming the gadget.

Mobile Phone Repair – The Procedure For Cleaning The Phone Speaker From Dust

No complicated tools are required to carry out a preventive measure. For a start, a toothbrush should be sufficient. Each person in the house has such second-hand things used for different purposes. Now we will describe the order of actions that should be followed:

  • Take a brush and start brushing the fibers along with the mesh. Do not use excessive physical effort! The main task is to get the fluff into the technological holes. Movements should be smooth, fast, circular. The procedure is short in duration; two or three minutes are quite enough to achieve a positive result.
  • After the end of the first stage, you can proceed to the next. It consists in blowing the mesh onto the speakers with pressurized air, which blows out the remaining dust. To solve this problem, you can use a hairdryer, just do not forget to switch it to cold air.
  • Since we use only available tools, which are easy to find in any apartment or office, you will need regular chewing gum to complete the process. Use a slightly softened rubber band that will effectively absorb the remaining dust.
  • An exciting moment of testing comes. In the vast majority of cases, these simple but effective procedures can really help. If the sound quality has not improved, it is worth resorting to an additional technique, which consists in using a standard needle. Special care will be required from the owner in the process of work; the needle should penetrate only a little, a third of a millimetre into the mesh. If you are negligent in this matter, you can permanently disable the speaker.

Mobile Phone Repair – Precautionary Measures

It is necessary to try very hard to save electronics in the process of “resuscitation measures”. Quite simple actions are within the power of every smartphone owner. In addition to really high efficiency, this method has a weighty advantage – you will not disable the communication device, you will not damage the appearance.

At the same time, the internet is full of very risky advice. Their implementation may eventually require expensive repairs. In particular, some users advise using scotch tape, a variety of adhesive tapes, and alcohol solutions. According to them, the speaker can be cleaned in this way in a matter of seconds. Some of the exotic tips include recommendations for using a little dried glue, which I advise you to fill in the holes.

Do not be so reckless, do not heed the advice of people who show a sense of humour in such a strange way! If the described technology using a brush and a needle does not bring a positive result, take the gadget to the mobile phone repair service centre. There they will be able to quickly, inexpensively restore the device’s performance. Do you want to avoid problems with sound in the future? Then, when carrying out work related to the appearance of a significant amount of dust, put your smartphone in a sealed bag.

If you have a phone that needs mobile phone repair services, talk to our technician at FixFore right away. They will not only tell you the exact condition of your device but will perform a free diagnosis as well.

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