Mobile Phone Repair Tricks – What To Do If Your Phone Falls Into Water?

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Mobile Phone Repair Tricks – What To Do If Your Phone Falls Into Water?

Accidents can happen to anything, and cell phones are no exception. So, if your phone falls into water, try these mobile phone repair tricks as soon as possible. 

The reliable and trouble-free functioning of any telephone largely depends on its correct operation. A modern cellular phone belongs to the category of devices with increased sensitivity and is highly susceptible to all sorts of negative factors. This is especially true when it comes into contact with moisture, which can cause irreparable harm to the electronic components of the smartphone. But the problem can be avoided. 

It is only important to know the rules of behaviour in such a situation and be able to quickly apply them in practice. Let’s consider this topic more carefully and read the mobile phone repair tricks to deal with those moments that require the most attention.

Touchscreen Phone – Why Water Is Dangerous For It

None of the users is insured against the fall of the device into the water. Moreover, sometimes it is possible to quickly remove it from the liquid while the device itself continues to work. Inevitable streaks and water spots are visible on the screen, though. There is nothing particularly terrible in this, but some inconvenience and aesthetic dissatisfaction from the defect makes itself felt. 

In such a situation, only a complete replacement of the display will help. It is not possible to get rid of water in other ways. The multi-layered structure of the screen excludes the least possibility of disassembling the module. And the situation is similar to the speaker. If it fails under the influence of moisture, only replacing the damaged module with a new one will help.
But this is not the worst case. 

A touchscreen phone that has fallen into the water may well fail due to the oxidation of its radioelements. The degree of this oxidation is determined based on the length of time the apparatus is in the water. The complexity of the problem is also influenced by the volume of liquid that has entered the body. 

Do not forget about the timely removal of the battery. If the phone is not taken out of the water immediately after it gets wet and the battery is not removed, the salt will corrode all the internal components of the device. After that, it will become completely unusable for further exploitation. In such a situation, no repairs will help. A complete replacement of the control board will be required, and its cost is often almost comparable to the price of a new phone. 

Mobile Phone Repair – How To Dry The Phone And In What Order To Act?

But how do you dry your smartphone? What needs to be done for this, and what needs to be focused on? Time should not be lost, but it is necessary to take the following steps without the slightest delay:

  • It is essential to remove the apparatus from the water. The sooner this is done, the greater the chances for its further work will remain;
  • Be sure to turn off your phone. Although it may well shut down on his own. A quick shutdown will allow you to secure the filling of the device from even more significant problems and troubles;
  • Next, you should remove all possible elements and components from the smartphone. We are talking about covers, plugs and more. It is crucial to open the interior of the case as much as possible for ventilation;
  • Now you need to disassemble the phone itself. Removing the battery is mandatory. This will eliminate the risk of a short circuit in the system with its subsequent complete failure;
  • Do not forget about the SIM card. Water can harm not only the smartphone but also the SIM card inside. It can be restored without much difficulty, but you will have to forget about maintaining contacts. And for some users, their importance sometimes far exceeds the importance of the phone itself;
  • Dry the phone immediately after getting wet. To do this, you can use a variety of available tools. A soft cloth is ideal for drying. You can also use a regular household hairdryer. But it will be effective only if the device is disassembled as much as possible. This is the only way warm air can get into all the insides of the cell. It is highly undesirable to turn on the device until it dries completely. This may even take several days.

You can also use rubbing alcohol to remove moisture that has gotten inside your smartphone. It does not harm microcircuits and is capable of absorbing water efficiently. It is only necessary not to forget to remove the battery before doing this. You just need to put a wet phone in it. 

Moreover, there is no need to disassemble it. Disconnecting the battery is sufficient. It may take several days for it to dry completely.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Phone

But it is not always possible to fix the phone at home after contact with moisture. This is especially true when it comes to devices that have a non-separable body and a non-removable battery. In this situation, contacting specialists is mandatory. And in other cases, the help of professionals will not be superfluous. 

But how much does such a service cost? There is no single answer. For each situation, the master will announce a different price tag. It is formed based on the complexity of the breakdown and the general damage to the electronic components inside. It is possible to determine their condition and the degree of suitability for further work only after a comprehensive diagnosis of the system.

If you have a phone that needs mobile phone repair services, talk to our technician at FixFore right away. They will not only tell you the exact condition of your device but will perform a free diagnosis as well.

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