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Welcome to the FixFore blog! fix for Blog is our most used platform where we share with our customers our valuable tips and tricks. Our tips and tricks can help you keep your devices in good condition, and you can also fix your device-related issues yourself with our suggestions. But before that, Let’s have a look at FixFore

At FixFore, we offer you cell phone repair services for any brand and model on the market. Our experience supports us since we have been dedicated to this activity for many years. We have a great team of highly qualified professionals.

Technicians Specialized in Micro-Welding.

Our experienced micro-welding and electronics technicians follow a continuing professional training program. They also receive specialized in-house training on phone repair and learn to repair new makes and models on an ongoing basis. In this way, you are always up-to-date in this tremendous mobile market.

Thanks to this incredible training, our staff is able to carry out their tasks with great efficiency so that you obtain a result with 100% quality. We know perfectly how to handle a mobile phone.

Our staff has a fully equipped workshop with the latest tools on the market, high-tech and high-quality tools. We have original spare parts for all mobile brands that allow us to carry out the most difficult repairs by offering a full warranty.

What Jobs Can We Do for Cell Phone Repair?

Here are some of the faults that we find most frequently:

  • We repair and change batteries: if it is the case that your mobile turned on but did not retain the charge or did not turn on directly, it would be very likely that you would need a new battery. Our battery change is responsible for solving this incident immediately.
  • Repair screen: if your screen has cracks, but the LCD screen is pristine, you will only need a simple glass replacement.
  • Fix charging connector: if you have used an incorrect charger or you have used a charger with too much power, the charging connector of your mobile may have been damaged. If your device does not hold a charge or does not connect directly, repairing this connector should solve this problem.
  • Fix sound: with the change of the speakers of your device, you will be able to recover the sound and stop having continuous problems due to receiving low or distorted sounds or, even, lack of sound.
  • Fix microphone: the fall of liquids and other environmental elements on your device can deteriorate the microphone of the mobile, and it may happen that your voice is not heard and even that it sounds distorted. Repairing this component would always solve this problem.

FixFore Professional Technical Service

There are other mobile breakdowns that we also carry out. Some of these are the repair of wet and moisture-damaged devices, front and rear cameras, the SIM reader…

But not everything is here! Any mobile repair that we carry out has a 3-month warranty from the delivery of the device, complying with current legislation. Leave the entire process in our hands, and we will take care of all the warranty procedures and assume all the associated costs.

Our priority is the satisfaction of our clients. Thanks to our professionalism in each of our services and repairs, we have an average score of 4.8 out of 5 in the reviews/ratings that our clients make in our Google files. You will get the result you are looking for.

Count on our personalized attention. We want to serve you as you deserve and, therefore, you will receive first-rate and unique care. You will be able to know at all times what is the status of the repair of your device.

Why choose for FixFore Repair? What advantages does it offer?

When a mobile phone breaks down, and you think about buying a new one, choose the repair option, as it will present you with numerous advantages such as:

  • Financial savings: taking into account that the average price of these devices today far exceeds $300, we recommend this service instead of buying a new phone. 
  • Respect for the environment: carrying out the repair of a device is a recycling action, and thanks to it, you are contributing your little grain of sand to prevent the environment from continuing to deteriorate.
  • Comfort and peace of mind: if you choose to fix your mobile phone instead of buying a new one, you will not have to do any migration of contacts, applications, data, and so on. You will keep your system exactly the same, with the same data, applications, and games as always.

Physical Store:

Our physical store is located in Braintree, Massachusetts, at 952 Washington st. and at Braintree Square. But you will not have to worry because we serve nationwide. Access our website and contract your repair online.

The difference between our technical mobile repair service and that of some existing telephone companies in the market is enormous. These use an estimated repair time that ranges between 7 and 8 days. Meanwhile, our team uses an average time of 1 to 2 days. But there is more: we offer you a 30% cheaper price than other companies.

If you have doubts, don’t worry, we will give you all the answers. Our team will advise you on any cell phone repair service. It is not always clear what the problem of a device is, so if this is the case, we will put at your disposal our customer service that will resolve your doubts through various means, such as contact form, Whatsapp, and/or contact telephone number. Ask for your budget without any commitment, and for free, we will provide you with a complete report on the failure of your device! Whatever your brand, contact FixFore to repair your phone.

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