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Computer Repair Service

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Laptop and Computer Repair in Braintree

Are you looking for fast and affordable computer repair solutions in Braintree? At FixFore Braintree, we understand the inconvenience of computer troubles and work quickly to restore your devices as fast as possible. Our technicians can diagnose and repair a variety of computer issues ranging from cracked screens and slow start-ups to viruses and cloud storage solutions. In addition to our by-appointment services, we are also proud to offer walk-in availability for a variety of same day repair services. FixFore is here to save your mobile life!






Before we begin to work on your computer, a technician will run a series of diagnostic tests to better understand the condition of your device and to help determine the best course of action to get your computer working properly. You can call to schedule an appointment or drop by a FixFore store to talk with a technician.


If your computer is making noise, running slow, displaying strange messages or not turning on at all, trust FixFore for fast, friendly hardware repair services. Our technicians will determine the issue and recommend a repair solution that will get your system back on track while allowing you to stay in control of the costs.


As the owner of a computer, laptop, or mobile device, it is your responsibility to make sure you have properly protected your private information with high-quality security solutions. A FixFore technician can help you to understand and select the products needed to keep you safe from threats like malware, ransomware, and identity theft.


Your backup services are only effective if they are automated, secure and reliable. FixFore will make sure you’re prepared with cloud backup services to protect your data from hardware failure and security risks like ransomware.

Computer Repair Service

We offer computer repair services regardless of the problem – software, hardware, virus, software spyware, or malware. As computer repair service providers, we can install new components and software as required and provide ongoing support and maintenance to home and business users.
If your laptop or computer is running slowly, we can upgrade your existing internal hard drive with a new, more reliable SSD. You will surely notice the difference in speed right away; your machine will run faster than when it was brand new. We can clone your drive as it will look exactly as it did before the update, six times faster!
To take the assistance of our computer repair service, get in touch with our team at FixFore.

Broken Screen Repair

We repair the broken screen of smartphones and tablets of any model and any brand.

Device Unlocking

Whether you wish to unlock a smartphone or a laptop, we do it for you effortlessly.

Home Button Fixes

 Unlocking or replacing the home button on your smartphone or tablet.

Connector Problem Solving

 We provide a repair of charging connectors on mobile and other devices.

Keypad Problems

We can diagnose keyboards and keypad issues in no time and fix these efficiently.


For microphone troubleshooting on your tablet or mobile, call FixFore..


In the event of a connection problem, we carry out the diagnosis and troubleshooting.


Our technicians are real specialists capable of performing micro-welds.

Battery Solutions

We fix all kinds of battery-related problems either through battery replacement or connector fixation on all types of multimedia devices.


We offer a smartphone, tablet and digital camera repair services for all digital devices.

Headphone socket

Our experts take care of the headphone jack troubleshooting on your devices.


The speaker on your phone or digital device is broken, we have the solution.

Storage / data transfer

We can retrieve and attempt to recover data from your devices. If your device was destroyed, we can extract the data for you to use on another device.

Software Problems

Whether you wish to update your device software or to fix the corrupt ones, our technical staff can help you do both.

Deoxidation for water damage phone repair

Has your smartphone fallen into the water? Don’t panic; FixFore is an expert in smartphone deoxidation.

Certified expert repairers

At FixFore, all our repairers are certified experts who are trained regularly. Moreover, they work on all types of devices regardless of the brand Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc…

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