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Who we are

FixFore provides professional services for electronic device and phone repair in Braintree, Quincy, Canton, Randolph, Weymouth and nearby areas. At FixFore, we offer a wide variety of smartphone repair services aimed at mobile telephony over and, with it, you can buy original accessories and LG, Motorola, Nextel, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Cell phone repairs are carried out by highly trained technicians who offer adequate guarantees for each type of repair and device request technical assistance for mobile phones and smartphones from different brands such as Blackberry, HTC, iPhone.
FixFore’s technical assistance has been in the market for 16 years, with a highly qualified team especially to serve its customers. Our professionals are fully trained and have a laboratory fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools to carry out cell phone repairs.
Our repair services performed in our laboratory are guaranteed for 30 days. However, our biggest guarantee is the quality of our professionals, specialized in national and imported cell phones.
With free quotes made within two business days, at FixFore, you enjoy personalized service, with original parts, prompt delivery and the advantage of quality service.

We are Specialists in:

Smartphone Repair

Whether it is to repair an iPhone or the latest Samsung or Huawei, whether it is a broken screen, the charging connector to change, or a simple push button, do not hesitate to bring us your smartphone for mobile phone repair services.

Tablet Repair

If your iPad or Galaxy Tab is showing signs of weakness or everything crashed during the last update, it’s time to bring your tablet to us for repair. For all models and all breakdowns, repairing tablets is our job!

Laptop and Game Console Repair

Your laptop does not want to turn on? Is it incredibly slow? Or there is a problem with your Xbox or PS. Whatever the problem, if you can no longer use your laptop or gaming console, take it to our specialists. They will perform a fast and quality repair for laptop and gaming consoles!

Mac Repair

MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, repairing an Apple laptop is not easy because the sleek design generates significant technical constraints. If you want to have a Mac repaired, give it to us quickly so that you can benefit from it as quickly as possible.

What are we repairing in mobile phones?

At FixFore, we repair damaged phones and smartphones of the most popular brands available on the market. We are not limited to repairs of one brand. We will repair your equipment, regardless of whether it is the latest iPhone model or the iconic Nokia 3310! We repair both the latest smartphone models that have just appeared on the market, as well as older phone models that other services do not want or are unable to repair.

Why do people trust us?

Affordable price

The price of services at FixFore is generally affordable

Free diagnostics

Even if you do not order repairs from us, we will carry out diagnostics for free

Experienced craftsmen

The masters of our service center have at least four years of experience

Original spare parts

We install only branded certified parts.

Repair on the same day

Depending on the complexity of the malfunction, the repair takes from 20 minutes to 1-2 days

Guarantee of work

We don’t only repair your device but give you a 1-month warranty of our service too.

Eliminate any faults

Experienced craftsmen easily cope with any problem that arises.

Professional equipment

During the repair, we use equipment of world-class brands.