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Are you looking for a smartphone, tablet, computer, Xbox, or PS repair professionals in Braintree, Quincy, Canton, Randolph, Weymouth, and nearby areas? FixFore is a key player in the troubleshooting of multimedia devices. Our certified experts take care of all defective digital media: mobile phone, tablet, computer, game consoles, audio headsets, etc. Certified technicians and professionals repair all your devices regardless of the problem or the brand.


All our repairs are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

Smartphone Repair

Whether it is to repair an iPhone or the latest Samsung or Huawei, whether it is a broken screen, the charging connector to change or a simple push button, do not hesitate to bring us your smartphone for mobile phone repair services.

Tablet Repair

If your iPad or Galaxy Tab is showing signs of weakness or everything crashed during the last update, it’s time to bring your tablet to us for repair. For all models and all breakdowns, repairing tablets is our job!

Laptop and Game Console Repair

Your laptop does not want to turn on? Is it incredibly slow? Or there is a problem with your Xbox or PS. Whatever the problem, if you can no longer use your laptop or gaming console, take it to our specialists. They will perform a fast and quality repair for laptops and gaming consoles!

Mac Repair

MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, repairing an Apple laptop is not easy because the sleek design generates significant technical constraints. If you want to have a Mac repaired, give it to us quickly so that you can benefit from it as quickly as possible.

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FixFore provides professional electronic device and phone repair in Braintree, Quincy, Canton, Randolph, Weymouth and nearby areas. Shop at Braintree Square while we fix your phone.

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Trade Services

We not only fix your devices but also sell the ones you don’t need. So, you can also trade or sell your devices for cash at FixFore conveniently!


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Samsung screen repair is still the most demanded repair service. Therefore, screen breakage is one of the most frequent breakdowns in mobile phones. It is very easy that when suffering a blow from a fall or excessive pressure, the screen of our smartphone is damaged. Mobile screens are usually composed of several layers (Protection layer, Touch screen […]

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Welcome To The Fixfore Blog!

Welcome to the FixFore Blog! FixFore Blog is the platform where we share our tips and tricks for fixing devices with our customers.

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